Books by Kristin Garth

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A coming of age novel of kink and wildness.
A book length collection of sonnets on waiting around to be good.
A short story collection of harrowing sexual tales, real and imagined.
A poetry collection on the use of fire as a tool of misogyny in history and the present.
A gothic horror hybrid experimental novel set in the countryside in Victorian England.
A poetry collection about Barbies and optimism and atheism.
A novel about the mysteries of being a teenage girl and UFOs.
A poetry collection of Dark Alice themed poetry.
A poetry collection about adventures in BDSM.
A poetry collection about a sexual awakening in the library.
A poetry collection about socks.
A hybrid novella about disease and magic in 1883 Pensacola.
A memoir in poetry of child abuse and religious abuse.
A poetic memoir stripping as a schoolgirl for five years.

Pensacola Girls

Pink Plastic House

Sock Slut

Golden Ticket

Shut Your Eyes, Succubi

Good Girl Games

A Victorian Dollhousing Ceremony




These Poems Are Not What They Seem

A Drunken Midsommar


On This Path We Travel

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