The Meadow (the novel)

DESCRIPTION: A coming of age novel of kink and wildness. A young woman named Scarlet seeks The Meadow, a sub space of natural bliss, she can only reach through masochism and submission.

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Genre: Novel

Publisher: Alien Buddha Press

Release Date: October 16th, 2022

Pages: 264




“THE MEADOW  is certainly blooming with sexuality and eroticism but it is more than anything a place of growth.  Growth is tricky.  It’s full of mistakes.  It’s full of people we idealize who are not actually ideal.  It is the story of reaching towards the light with our tender bodies and the darkness we meet along the way.” 

Kristin Garth, author of THE MEADOW and many other books.


A deceptively sweet story of self -acceptance and finding refuge in unexpected cerebral places. An exploration of sexual dynamics that sways from reckless abandon to pure shame in thecrack of whip. Introspective eroticism with sensitive skin and a neurotic epitaph. 

DEAN RHETORIC author of Foundry Songs, Broken Sleep Books, 2023


The versatile and prolific Kristin Garth returns with The Meadow, a tale of sexual adventure and self-discovery.

Delightfully lurid and emotionally fulfilling, The Meadow quietly sneaks us into the innermost thoughts of someone who is both damaged and brave, attempting to find serenity through suffering.

We follow Scarlet, from her most timid and tender beginnings, gripping an armrest on a flight to New York, a flight that sets in motion a chain of events that empowers her to reimagine herself. We find lust and love with her, forge friendships, test our boundaries, and test the definitions of ourselves.

You will feel an ache that gives you pause. You will feel something that flutters in you like fear, then crawls like a moan. As you turn the page, you will whisper, like Scarlet, saying “I want this.”

And through this catharsis, with Scarlet, you will find The Meadow.

– Robin Sinclair, author of Someone Else’s Sex(Bull City Press, 2023).


“Paced with tease and release, like glitter off a cat-o-nine-tails. Riding crops and red spank marks. A carnal coming-of-age story like Little Red Riding Hood hobbling back into the woods on the leash of the axman.” –

Paige Johnson, editor of Slut Vomit: An Anthology of Sex Work, which Garth features in.

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