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Plain White Van / Norb Aikin


You ask me to be descriptive

and cite examples like

you don’t have a window to look through

or a leg to stand on.

You’re driving faster just

before the disaster and I’m

eager to watch it unfold

before my mouth can form the words

“I told you so!”

You want me to be a description

and set an example like

you’re too good to manage on your own

with vices waiting to explode.

You’re just a clipper, clipped,

and ready to drive off the road

while we keep staring transfixed

at an outcome that is greater

than the cost of admission

to the show.

I’m decidedly okay being nondescript

like the examples my life should’ve been

before I knew you were watching

and waiting for me to decide

if I was gonna live or die.

With no thanks to you, I’ll

safely get in the machine

and ride.