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December 4th, 2019


porous / j. dahl

I am re-calibrating
as I have
new information
is there anything more insane
than staying the same
when everything is slightly changed
wear your shoes out fast
thin soles dropping
acid in google glass
instructional holograms
guide me home
cranking brake-less on icy
asphalt you’re in my head
climbing stairs over sweaty
boys looking for a quiet landing
miming a smoke
on future devices
future vices
we enjoy the speculation
sprawled on a baroque sofa in a tunnel
among the houseplants
milling around nocturnal
walking in the sleet
orange juice no list
no threat no stress
red turtleneck
bring your eyes
out royalty
rung double swept
library roof scraped knees
atop my composite
technical knit
hold your face
up to the falling
phase radiation
she’s drawing on the walls
not saying a word