Pink Plastic Press

Pink Plastic Press was founded in January 2020 to be the tinier imprint of Pink Plastic House a tiny journal.  It will publish a tiny selection of books beginning with the anthology Pinkprint, a tiny journal anthology of works curated from the poetry of Pink Plastic House a tiny journal.  It will be the first volume of such an anthology of Pink Plastic Poets and will include one two poems from various rooms to showcase the vastness of poetry inside a Pinkprint.  The dollhouse architect, Kristin Garth, will be in touch with selections for inclusion in this first volume, Pinkprint, in the coming months and other information about the anthology as it becomes available.  If you are an author who is published in Pink Plastic House a tiny journal who would not like to be considered for Pinkprint, please notify the dollhouse architect at

Thank you for being a part of my plastic and paper neighborhood of poetry. Pinkprint and the library of Pink Plastic Press books we are pleased to announce will be printed by APEP a publisher and printer of beautiful books with whom we are proud to partner for the production of the Pink Plastic Press library.


Kristin Garth
Dollhouse Architect/EIC
Pink Plastic House a tiny journal
Pink Plastic Press