Pink Plastic House Poetry Submission Guidelines

Pink Plastic House a tiny journal is CURRENTLY CLOSED for submissions. I open at certain times of the year and read poetry for weekly slots.  Submissions will reopen in late JUNE 2022.

I seek poetry that fits inside a house. Having said that, a house, even a dollhouse (maybe especially a dollhouse) is a universe. It includes outdoor spaces and rooms of delight and even terror. I seek poetry that is chaotic, erotic, neurotic and hypnotic.

People think because I’m a formal poet that I have a bias towards formal poetry but those would be people who haven’t read my journal. I love words, sounds and original voices. I feel things intensely, and I desire poetry that speaks to that.

I will read up to five poems in an email mailed in a .doc or pdf file. Don’t worry about what room the poetry fits into. That’s my job to assign the room and to come up with a picture that connects your poem and the room. Send submissions and all journal correspondence to

Thank you so much for visiting the site, reading the Pink Plastic Poets and sending me your contributions when I’m open for submissions. I’m one little dollhouse architect and I try to feature as many people as I can. Visit the Pink Plastic Instagram vacation house as well at @pinkplastic house and keep up with journal announcements on Twitter at @pphatinyjournal.

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