A suburban teenage girl in Trump era America develops gills and realizes that the government is interested in weaponizing her evolution. With the CIA on her trail, she takes refuge with a private marine collector she meets on a school field trip to his private aquarium, Anemone.


“’forever child’: Kristin Garth’s Girlarium plunges readers beneath the placid surface of American girlhood and into the turbulent depths of monstrosity. The books’ marriage of strict metric structure to fluid imagery and graphic journalistic elements produces a wonderland tour of mixed media. Our collective ideal mermaid is interrogated, analyzed, vivisected, redefined, and finally freed–no longer a suburban oddity or curio in an aquarium tank, shedding selves as scales and phases of the sea-loving moon.”

-Diana Hurlburt, author of Nothing Natural (Sword & Kettle Press 2021)

“a gothic tale part teenage swamp thing with an Americana 1950’s type pop edge and a poetic fairytale.”

-Dr. Jane Mainley-Piddock


Genre: Poetry

Publisher: Fahmidan Press


A Thing That Happens When You Develop Gills

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