The Death of Alice in Wonderland

The Death of Alice in Wonderland by Kristin Garth
She breaches the courtyard of her marital house.
Swallows a pill that stretches the mouth ‘til
what shriveled beneath a gargantuan spouse 
curls into a corona of daffodil.
Silvered hair grows to the ground as she dreams.
Slides down extreme slate strands, lands astride 
the red-ringed back of an earthworm, agleam, 
ferrying her into the muddied inside.
Deep in the soil, they encounter the grave.
Dirty glass casket, decapitated queen
decked on each side by two deceased knaves,
she will slumber above and in between — 
buried these wonders in womanly breasts,
returns to her childhood for a final rest. 

June 1st, 2021 Annotation: I woke up the first June morning at 5:00 a.m. after having this dream with lines of this poem in my head and started transcribing it. Welcome to my dreamworld.

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