The Mind Of The Monster by Kristin Garth

This was published in Be About It Zine.

If a wicked (step-) mother fails to kill 

you there may come a day when her RA* may 

flutter her frail fingers until she will 

require assistance from one she betrayed 

or expire.  Can’t twist plastic water caps 

to take a sip, and she isn’t the kind 

to trust what drips from community taps —

the toxins inside.  Each time this is opined 

you grind your teeth underneath a princess smile

remembering apples this one coated 

with guile — how death laid you low a little while. 

It does not baffle her you’re devoted 

to the details of her elder care.

The mind of the monster is no longer there. 

*rheumatoid arthritis 

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