A Ghost Is The Ultimate Girl You Can’t Have by Kristin Garth

published in Cult of Clio 2021

Inverted crucifix stripper wonders why 

some gentlemen approach her bottoms up breasts 

where gravity’s defied, deny 

an aerialist dollars with obsessed 

looks, deranged eyes.  Offering cash to one beside,

translucent unidentified.  She feels

its electricity whenever it glides 

proximate to her glittered skin.  Must be real,

she decides, fallen dancer, perchance 

even a possible friend.  A dozen have died 

in the twenty-two years since she first pranced 

nude her first time — murder, two suicides, 

a few car wrecks, childbirth, drug overdose.

Fresh flesh everywhere, men covet the ghost.

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