Kailey Tedesco

Kailey Tedesco

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The Dollhouse:


When I was around six or seven, my grandmother bought a dollhouse kit and asked if I’d like to help her build it. I remember her constructing the house itself while I painted tiny wooden plates and upholstered miniature sofas. We took many trips to A.C. Moore to pick out miniatures that would be difficult for us to DIY. I loved playing with and decorating the house so much that she eventually let me take it home. 

My family ended up moving a couple of times, and the dollhouse sadly got shuffled to our basement during my teen years. I remember my grandma coming to visit and asking if she could give it to my younger cousin. I said yes, but I was always a little sad about letting it go. 

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For years, I thought it was gone forever. My cousin grew up and I wasn’t sure what she decided to do with it. About a year ago, my grandma told me it was in her shed and I could have it again if I wanted it. Of course, I said yes. She tore out the carpet for me and put in hardwood flooring. She also gave me her blessing to “play Lizzie Borden” with it because the green color and layout sort of resembles the Lizzie Borden B&B in Fall River, MA. My grandma, who is a very devout Cathlolic, doesn’t always understand my interest in all things witchy and macabre, but every now and then our interests overlap. Our love of miniatures is one of those interests, and a fascination with Lizzie Borden is another. I’m happy to have this house back and I’m looking forward to adding some more spooky details to it as I go. I already added a seance room in the attic! 


I love that, like a real home you’ve moved from and then returned to, this small house contains so many memories. I don’t get to see my grandma much now, so it’s especially nice to have this little home we built together with me in my own home.

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