The Avalon Hayes Mysteries

After a sexting scandal turns 17 year old Avalon Hayes into a social pariah at her high school, things only get worse in science class. The experiment is blood typing, and the result is that her parents are liars. Her father can’t be her father. No adults are telling her the truth. The only adult who seems even remotely reliable suddenly is the new guidance counselor, Geoffrey Chase. He’s going to help Avalon escape infamy at Gulf Point High and become a dual enrollment student at The University of North Florida. But even though she’s a cheerleader (if a disgraced one), and not a detective, Mr. Chase seems as much a mystery as everyone else in Avalon’s life. Avalon Hayes hasn’t even picked a major, but she’s picking up on the fact that if wants the truth about who she is, she’ll have to become a teenage sleuth.

The Avalon Hayes mysteries are one book (327 pages) that includes the following stories. They are a part of a feature on The Daily Drunk Magazine called #hotserialsummer — in which the books were published individually, as novellas. The first book of the series Let Me Tell You About The Liars, was selected by Shawn Berman as one of four novella selections to feature on the sight. Since this novella was a piece of a bigger story, I decided to go ahead and publish the bigger story. You can read the story, digitally, in sections week by week at The Daily Drunk or you can order your own print copy of the entire book, The Avalon Hayes Mysteries in the links below this video that shows the various covers of tales inside this book.


Where do you find a #hotserialsummer? At @thedailydrunkmag next week when the first book of The Avalon Hayes Mysteries drops. #book #booktok

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