Haunted Guidelines

The Haunted Dollhouse will post poetry on as an accepted basis.

The Haunted Dollhouse is open to horror poetry that is:

-of any form of poetry or free verse (no preference)

The Haunted Dollhouse is not interested in horror that is:

-hate speech
-previously published
-works that are not in some way sinister or scary

Send all submissions to pinkplastichouse@gmail.com with the subject heading HAUNTED DOLLHOUSE SUBMISSION

I had been searching for places to publish dark work as I’m doing a lot of dark poetry these days for my Crow Carriage book. Some of my favorite publishers of this work (one I’ll shout out with much love and respect The Ginger Collect) have closed up operations. Also, the world is in an understandable state of anxiety and some publishers are uneasy publishing dark art or reading it at the moment. We all process stress, anxiety and depression in different ways. For me, I like to read dark poetry and horror — even in dark times.

I felt like if I was finding this lack of publishing venues presently perhaps others were as well. So you will see me publish my own work in this particular section from time to time because I need this venue, too. I wanted to make it a place for our dark minds to roam. I will be publishing these pieces on the Instagram Pink Plastic Vacation House with The Haunted Dollhouse art provided by Dori Owen, so you will be published here and Instagram. There will be no particular date or frequency for these. When I like something, it will go up as soon as I can do that.

Thank you for your darkness,

Kristin Garth
The Haunted Dollhouse Architect

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