Scouts Find Engraved Funerary Box Near Wolf Creek by Caliche Fields

an annotated limerick

Scouts Find Engraved Funerary Box Near Wolf Creek

A party of scouts camping near the windshollow found an unearthed coffin near the cliffs of Wolf Creek, early Thursday morning.

Several of the scouts reported hearing radio signals during their scheduled outing on the creek. A few residents outside of the city limits also report hearing mysterious broadcasts. The source of these radio signals have yet to be identified.

Scouts and Wolf Creek Police were unable to discover animal tracks which may have disturbed the remains. A body has not been found. According to witness statements, scratches were found lining the coffin walls. A limerick was also etched upon the inside of the lid. It reads:

restricted until he’s surrendered:

apparition to me, man slender,

      warm stranger sans glove, 

      bestowed me no dove

unearth me!!! lo, foliage tender…The coffin showed signs of recent exhumation. It was in a very inaccessible part of the creek below a footpath. Police confirm a shallow grave was discovered a mile west of its position.–––

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