10/20/2020 by Justin Karcher

I read somewhere that Adam Sandler

makes movies just so he can hang out

with his friends in cool places

and have some fun for a month

and I think about this

as I watch Hubie Halloween

a couple of weeks before Election Day

wondering where all my friends are tonight

I check my phone, I scour social media

some are ghosts, but some are still fighting

going door-to-door in Pennsylvania

or rallying in Georgia and here I am

on the verge of angry tears

because of how Adam Sandler

makes his movies

because in reality

there are no cool places to hang out anymore

no vacations to take, just this desire

to push back the red

and my friends still fighting

don’t take any days off

they’re always sailing at maximum speed

across oceans of subtweets and broken glass

collecting whatever hope is still left

they’re happening right now

across every newsfeed

running toward monsters

straight into labyrinths of bad energy

we’ve arrived someplace very scary

but my friends still fighting

refuse to stop singing songs

about trees becoming forests

even though their roots are gone

and I think about this

as I watch Hubie Halloween

how Hubie is bullied by almost the entire city of Salem

yet he perseveres through the abuse

and saves the day at the end

he even becomes mayor

suggesting that real change is possible

as the credits roll, I don’t know

what I’m crying about anymore

eventually I start imagining

what the end of America will look like

maybe a permanent vacation from tyrants

maybe the horizon with no streaks of recession

maybe more of the truth

maybe no more bullies

my friends still fighting

vandalizing the remains of Air Force One

with sharpened toothpicks

my friends still fighting

replacing rusted flagpoles in every state

with magical broomsticks

and Adam Sander’s there too

leading an irreverent parade through city streets

littered with monster bones and overturned cars

because the war has been won

and hopefully by then

I won’t be so goddamn depressed, what a waste

I’m turning into

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