Warning Flammable by Barlow Adams

my lover should wear a warning.

she’s flammable

the slightest bit of friction and she’ll ignite

just a brush-up with her in the frozen food aisle and she’ll singe your clothing

melt the Haagen-Dazs

send you back to your wife smelling like rum raisin and burning lust

you’ll fuck her while she fingers the holes

like cigarette burns

in what is now your favorite shirt

it won’t be enough

she’s combustible

don’t leave her in high temps or direct sunlight

don’t leave her at all

she’ll burn through the floorboard

drop down into the apartment of the man below

consume him while his television blares

Smokey the Bear lavishes responsibility

and Seinfeld asks “What’s the deal with love?”

but the man in 13B will never know

he’ll be up her skirt

into that furnace

puffed from her mouth like a smoke ring 

she’ll keep going

sear through the entire building

pouring, liquid hot, through man and wood alike

she’ll add them to her flow

like whiskey swallowing ice


she’ll kill the grass 

leave a black patch on her way through the crust

she’ll wear the mantle 

lick the core

when she gets to the center

she’ll fuck Jules Vern while the mastodons watch

the father of science fiction burns at Fahrenheit 451

her orgasm will wipe-out the dinosaurs

set Vesuvius to bashful coughing

the natives will come to pray at her burning bush

but she’ll speak with Kalika’s voice

end the world in fire and ash

not with a whisper

but with a moan that crackles like the fires of industry

back straight as a fireman’s pole

eyes as destructive and hungry as progress

when she’s done

she’ll tip-toe back into the ruin of the apartment

black footprints on the carpet

slide into bed beside me

soot marks like tire tread on the white sheets

cool enough almost to touch now that she has raged

I’ll lay next to her like a hearth 

I’ll hold my hands above her breasts like they are the burners on a stove

I’ll be warmed

she’ll be fed

this is how a man can come to love fire

my lover should wear a warning

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