Only On Tuesdays by Michelle Politiski

Someone told me that it’s nice

that we contain each other while we live

so far from our boy partners

as though we are just convenient—

how generous this friendship

with its hair strokes on the couch

and moaning behind a closed door.

The others decided

it’s more normal

to let a strange man in this house

than it is to let me in your bed.

I’m sure there are conversations

in this house that I’m

glad I’m not there for—

maybe they happen

while we’re busy

turning inside out,

our hips conduits for

the most gentle types of vulgar,

our hands misty and anointed.

I am a kinky, non-monogamous, bisexual literary PR assistant and copyeditor living in San Diego. I graduated from UCSB’s College of Creative Studies in 2021, my capstone project being a body of essays and poetry on trauma, sexuality, and healing. Apart from being a dungeon enthusiast, I take pride in writing about those dungeons and all the weird queerness I’m lucky to embrace in this short life. I tweet at @michellee_rae and can be reached at

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