Okay, Fine by Robin Sinclair

I refused to look down

pressed raw against the floor to ceiling glass

sixteen stories and tasting your tongue

and god damn, did my voice sound how I’d imagined,

did the rope feel like home, did the ceiling stretch with me into

what seemed impossible

and I knew, I knew,

there was no such forever as my teeth

grazed the instep of your foot – sure,

I admit it, I admit it, I admit it –

I was clinging to that place, to what we knew were lies

the moment you whispered them,

and yes, okay, fine, as you moaned that I was yours

and I was hanging helplessly,

I refused to look down.

Robin Sinclair (they/them) is a queer, genderqueer writer of mixed heritage and mixed emotions.

Their debut book of poetry, Letters To My Lover From Behind Asylum Walls (Cosmographia Books, 2018), discusses themes of identity, gender, and mental illness.

Their chapbook, Jeanette Killed Her Husband (And Buried Him Off Of Shades of Death Road) is a 2020 Ghost City Press Summer Series selection that discusses themes of revenge, causality, and local folklore.

Find Robin at RobinSinclairBooks.com

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