Live Alive

by T.A. Jones

Tonight we’re alive as I see from the

Corner of my eye. The music no longer

Blinds my sight as I’m focused on you,

Sublime in the dress. Wickedly divine,

Red lips tilt your drink back to refill a

Desire of caressed. Before you finish, I

Slide across and meet the devil I want

Love from the most. You love the direct

Approach. So you whisper that you’ll 

Do anything just so we can get alone. 

Leaving the bar in quite a rush, you

Give me eyes to follow and I must. No

One catches us as we sneak away to

Make quite the fuss. Locking the door,

Eyes fogged with lust know what I have

Planned for us in store. Pushing you

Against the bathroom stall, I kiss lips

Drenched from alcohol. Grabbing your

Ass, I lift your skirt to touch your sweet

Spot and you say, “please don’t stop”. 

Turning you around and bending you

Toward the mirror, I make sure you can 

See your own expressions a bit clearer.

Feasting on moist lips, you beg that I 

Finally put it in. Sliding right inside, I

Quickly cover your mouth to hide your

Loud cries from hitting it from behind.

Hands around your throat to make a 

Pretty necklace, you love choking on

Thoughts of us getting pretty reckless.

Staring into your own universe, you feel

Every pump as I get ready to burst. You

Say “daddy I want it all” and I oblige to

Quench your thirst. Legs shaking, heart

Quaking in preparation to lift our short

Term burn, I shoot inside and you finally

Taste what you had earned. Licking it

Away, you loved our short, little play. We

Clean up tonight, to fuck another day. 

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