Little Red Riding Hood Rides Again by Robin McNamara

In dark bedroom shadows,

You read me a bedtime story 

About little red riding hood

All grown up, prowling the woods

Looking to satisfy her hunger 

In the darkness of the forests. 

Her haunting call enhances males

For erotic entanglement. 

“My, what big blue eyes you have”

She whispers seductively in your ear.

Little red riding hood, all grown up

Alone with lust, trapped in this fairytale. 

As children became adults her story 

Gathered dust, her longings ignored.

Your eyes widen at her heaving 

Breasts that trap you, like fireflies.

She’ll ride your cock till the morning

Cockerel crows and when she empties 

You and sucks you dry she’ll close

This chapter of your life forever in this 

Adult fairytale. 

Her desire satisfied for now but soon:

The wanton lust for more will come again 

When the night returns to the forests.

“My what big brown eyes you have.”

As she fondles one more beast in the night.

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