Desire Awakens by Sadee Bee

Desire does not reach out / does not possess ethereal

hands that caress / does not crave to touch / to feel of its own volition /

my desire lies slumbering / she waits to be roused /

Not by sweet words / nor gentle coaxing /

Do not mistake her slumber for complacency / for absence /

She is not meek / or mild /

For to wake her / your cup of desire must be overflowing /

The scent of your want / your need / hot and heady /

Will ignite the flames in her cave /

A nymph / summoned by the magic of another’s lust /

Hungering for the feast you have laid at her feet /

She shall devour / taste the delicacy of limbs tangled

in the night / the salt of sweat /

Fill herself up on the deepness of your ecstasy /

On the sins of the flesh / the oh, so delicious flesh /

Her needs only met / when the cup runs empty /

the fire in her cave / quenched by your rapturous cries /

your darkest exultations /

Shuddering limbs and raspy breaths /

Leave her only with a kiss / gently placed upon her forehead /

She shall rest / until again /

You bring the feast of pleasure /

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