Salt and Spoon by Melissa Greenwood

Would it be rude 

to slice an avocado in two, 

remove the pit with the clockwise turn of a knife, 

add precious kosher salt flecks to taste—

so coarse and so white—

and eat it, scoop by scoop, 

with a spoon? 

Avocados—when not raw 

or almost-ripe,

but just right—

are elusive, slippery, 

hard to find. 

The finger-feel,

between firm and soft: 


The exquisite mouth explosion: 

sought after and rare. 

The color: 

gem-green and sublime.

Why not celebrate such a moment 

with the simplest of preparations? 

Why not celebrate the ingredient—highlight it? 

Why not enjoy this gift with salt and spoon:

the way a child enjoys peanut butter?

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