If I Can Weather This Night by Donna Dallas

I listen to the storm’s guttural sounds

dread blows through our trees

they sway so close

hover above my death

my life-line tangles in their branches

breaks along with their cracks

the weight of one tree could easily rock this house

crack this hovel in half

Lightning blows up the 3am sky

I bargain with God to keep this house whole

I’ll stop drinking, cussing, illegally parking

cease it all just get me through

hear a loud crash somewhere down the lane

on someone else’s home

As if those demons provoked Talos and he thrust

bloody hell over this mass of trees

that surround our house

laid stake over our Christmas

tearing at everything I have built and poured in

What will throw me one more chance

not to ruin nor lose this magical morning

aware the storm overtook all the homes on this lane

except our little shack

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