Vintage Barbie Chest of Drawers Not sure about age think it’s about 20 years old by Matthew Haigh

What I love about videogames with poor graphics is the bitty-ness of them.

I like reality rendered through a diorama, a plywood façade, the dryly domestic reflected in pink plastic.

This is why I preferred playing with Barbie as a boy – her assortment of accessories in miniature: PVC handbags, clamshell compacts, sun hats & cycling helmets.

My grandparents thought it meant I would turn out funny.

But it’s difficult for a 6 year old to articulate how few things are as satisfying as the click of a tiny drawer in a tiny cabinet.

Matthew Haigh lives and works in Cardiff. His first pamphlet, Black Jam, is due from Broken Sleep Books in 2019. The same year will also see the release of his debut full length collection, Death Magazine, published with Salt.

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