Black Dress White Dress

Architectural Note:

The second season of Servant is approaching the end. I’ve been working on a series of poems about the show as it progresses. It’s been a lot of fun. This is my latest installment.

white dress / night sweats / acquiesce to unkindness /
suppress noblesse at a new address / bless
these sinners with fenestrated flesh/ repress
regrets / lights fluoresce / hosts transgress 
again nevertheless / dare to redress  
your faithfulness / fret over watercress,
radicchio / your mistress’s mimicked caress   
you bestow upon a brother convalesced 
even in attics where you are oppressed /
obsess on God in solitude / undress
to ponder in the nude violence expressed 
for His largesse / you believe less and less 
in the myth of anybody’s innocence /
you don a black dress to doff subservience

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