I Never Fucked A Tiger King by Kristin Garth

published in Alien Buddha Zine summer 2021

but once almost a Smoothie King I met 

on cocaine at a rave one night.  Said I 

wouldn’t but I knew I might.  I had let 

his kind inside before who offered lines 

even one who called me a whore to the 

entire population of our punk rock bar. Was 

not there but word travels far in itty

bitty southern towns of Wednesday Addams 

in floor length skintight velvet gowns who would 

swallow anything to forget.  I know I am 

no different than a teenager who put 

on a ring, by methamphetamines damned 

to wed Tiger Kings, lives we can’t abide. 

I too fucked men who made me want to die. 

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