The Meadow

The Meadow is a bdsm memoir poetry collection.  In mostly Shakespearean sonnets, it is the story in verse of the author’s pursuit of self-awareness and ecstasy through pain and discipline in her attempt to recreate an idyllic sub space she refers to as The Meadow.  The book is both honest and psychological, erotic and at times traumatic, the way that life is and most sexual awakenings are — there are stumbles that lead to epiphanies, but it is ultimately a book that seeks to say that submissives, like the author of this book, are not passive in their blossoming.  They are beasts that seek their own kind, at least that is the case for Kristin Garth, me.


This quote was from an interview with Erik Furher with Kristin Garth about The Meadow.  You can read the full interview here.

The following is a SHORT FILM about THE MEADOW where you can hear Kristin Garth read her poem Small Town Sex Object that is an epigraph to the poetry collection.

Here are two more readings by Kristin Garth from The Meadow:



The Meadow is available for pre-order atAPEP Publications for $14 (plus shipping) beginning March 28th, 2020. You can read two reviews of the poetry collection one by Tom Snarksy at Empty Mirror and one by Juliette Van Der Molen at Mookychick. All copies preordered from APEP receive this limited edition broadside with art by Jeremy Gaulke and my sonnet Carotid Lessons For Young Butterflies:


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