Puritan U

Puritan U is Kristin Garth’s story of how she came to attend a puritanical college (Brigham Young University) against her will and the life she endured before she got there. The book also explores a sexual assault that occurred at a university where she never consented to be. It’s told in sonnets and footnotes and presented as evidence that would be used in the criminal case that was never pursued. The poet was inspired to write about these experiences after hearing Christine Blasey Ford’s brave testimony in the confirmation trial of Brett Kavanaugh.

Here are some words from a review by Carla Sofia Ferreira about Puritan U from “Talking Back to Silence & Unburying Ghosts in Kristin Garth’s Puritan U”:


You can read more of Carla’s incredible review of Puritan U at Mookychick here.

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