Puritan U Succubus Alumnus

A review of Puritan by Carla Sofia Ferreira

New poems from and words about
Puritan U Succubus Alumnus:

Crush Me by Kristin Garth

Off With Her Head by Kristin Garth

Nothing Wrong by Kristin Garth

Torpor & No Promise In A Pastel Sky

Kristin Garth’s Succubus Alumnus is a brilliant, honest, and triumphant continuation
of Puritan U. For a long time, I sat stunned by the power of every word, every purposeful
allusion to pop-culture, and every carefully constructed exhibit.  The sonnets within
demonstrate Garth’s magical power of communicating through language that is at once
gorgeously lush and incredibly precise. But what’s more is Garth’s ability to tell this
continuation of her story with unflinching boldness and immense care that is evident
in each and every line: “You can begin / a journey in darkness. You will transcend /
in places defined as someone’s dead end.” This is a collection of rediscovering one’s
self after surviving abuse, of relearning and celebrating one’s body, and of the
continuous practice of asserting one’s voice in a culture that continuously attempts
to deny womxn of their power. These poems show their skin, when and how they want to.
They are, in themselves, a journey. Let yourself sit in absolute awe as you bear
witness to Garth’s transcendence through poetry. — Kailey Tedesco, author
of She Used to be on a Milk Carton and Lizzie, Speak

  • 118 pages.
  • deluxe edition includes Puritan U and its sequel Succubus Alumnus


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