Dewy Decimals

Dewy Decimals is the story in sonnets and prose poems of my young library lust.  It follows a speaker, which is myself, an abused girl in an oppressive religious culture, through her early bookish sensual experiences that lead her to sexual awakening. I was raised in a Mormon culture that prohibited R-rated movies, wasn’t even allowed to watch the show the “Facts of Life” (because who needs to know those).  My one freedom in life was the library.  I was dropped off and left to explore without any boundaries.  It was inside this place that I found out that world was quite larger and kinkier than my repressive homelife and culture.  It was my sanctuary and my sexual awakening, and this collection is an exploration of that and the books (and people) that made me who I am.

Some words about Dewy Decimals:


“It’s like a tiny library of music & longing.  Really brilliant.”

Brendon Booth-Jones, EIC of Writer’s Block Magazine


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