Crow Carriage

Crow Carriage rides September 2021 from Sweet Tooth Story Books

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art by Amy Alexander
Crow Carriage is a full-length experimental hybrid horror poetry collection/novel that takes place in Victorian times in an English seaside village where girls are disappearing.  The village is haunted by the presence of a terrible lord/amateur scientist who rides through the town in a Crow Carriage collecting subjects for a terrible experiment.  The subjects are always young girls.  One of the first poems in the novel are abducted girls being kept at the estate of this character we refer to as The Doctor, and it is their addled view of what is happening to them.  They are unreliable narrators in the sense that they are purposely mislead and even altered chemically to create fear and confusion.  They do not know or understand the reasons and intentions of their capture.  They are part of a sick experiment intending to induce as much fear as possible for evil scientific rather than prurient purposes.  As the book goes on and we have poetry from different perspectives, we learn about the particular evil of our main characters from themselves and their own back stories.  This book is being published next February by The Hedgehog Poetry Press.

Read “These We Keep” here and some published Crow Carriage poems below:

These We Keep by Kristin Garth

This is where we close our eyes and listen 

to lewd lullabies collected in a 

desiccating book.  Illegible when 

we chance a look, midnight, just yesterday.

Crow carriage takes two more away, velvet 

ribbon, and the one who prayed, or schemed,

while we would muffle screams — those who forget 

their place inside the indelicate dreams 

mandated with a glass of milk.  Some run

from lions, bare feet beat silk.  Shrieking when 

the nightmare ends into the palm of one 

of the remaining friends.  This church wherein

we wake requires its congregation creep

for there are devils worse than these we keep. 

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