Atheist Barbie

Atheist Barbie is a poetry collection inspired by my struggles as a Bible Belt, small town atheist who never speaks that word for fear of being seen as a monster. In fact, I’m a pink-loving Barbie girl who loves nature and sex and just doesn’t believe in God. Perhaps it is my background as an abused child in a puritanical, fundamentalist home — whatever the reason, I live my life trying to create and love and never wanting to hurt people but never worshipping a God per se. This collection is a confession, a psalmody of sonnets for the godless. It is coming from Maverick Duck Press in June of 2021. This collection is divided into two sections. Below is a sneak peek of each section.

Falsetto of False Idols

(sonnets about things I and others have tried to replace God with — false Gods who fell)

Broke Down Motel of Falsified IDs



Hymns of Herself

(anthems of a godless good girl)

Atheist Barbie


I read Atheist Barbie, from the collection of this name coming out in June with Maverick Duck Press. #sonnet #poem #poetrytok #poetry #poems

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