The Meadow


The Meadow is a collection of poetry I wrote about my experiences in BDSM in my early 20’s. Mostly written in sonnets, The Meadow explains how I came to see my sub space (or a space a submissive goes to inside themselves in a bdsm scene as a meadow) even in my early years of abuse. It’s not intended to describe a generalized experience of BDSM as I think it is very different for everyone but, for me, I had a path into BDSM that came out of a dark place. In BDSM reaching that meadow felt cathartic. It was an unburdening of a lot of a psychic pain I’d held onto for years. Of course, not every experience in BDSM I had was good. These relationships are with humans, after all, and humans make mistakes, and so these mistakes are documented inside this text as well.


Genre: Poetry

Publisher: APEP Publications

Pages: 44


A review by Ambrose Hall in Trampset

A review by Kristine Esser Slentz in Oyedrum

A review by Tom Snarsky in Empty Mirror

A review by Juliette Van Der Molen in Mookychick


Carotid Lessons For Young Butterflies in Mookychick
Candy Dandy first published in Trampset

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