The Avalon Hayes Mysteries


Avalon Hayes is trying to solve the mystery of who she is — literally and spiritually. She has spent most of her life as a sunny cheerleader, daughter of an architect and a stay at home mom with a lot of secrets. Until one day, she overhears gossip at her father’s office that she isn’t her father’s daughter at all. She realizes that she has been raises by liars. She’ll never get the truth from them. When a blood test during a high school science project confirms she is not her father’s daughter, Avalon decides to investigate her parents through any means necessary to find out who she is. After a sexting scandal at school leads her to pursue dual enrollment, she develops a friendship with a high school guidance counselor who went to school with her mother and is equally msyterious. No one tells you the truth when you’re a teenage girl. You have to find it yourself and when you do you realize that no adult in your life is as simple as they once seemed.


Genre: Fiction, novel.

Publisher: The Daily Drunk

Pages: 327


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