Atheist Barbie


Atheist Barbie is a collection of poems in which I explain my pink, hopeful atheism in sonnets. Being an atheist in the Bible Belt Deep South is better kept a secret. It’s something I’ve known I was since I was a child but I didn’t use the word much because where I lived it meant something a lot darker than what it actually is. To me, I was abused in Christianity, and I’m sure my cynicism or lack of belief in religious systems is highly related to that. Regardless, it is how I feel but though I love a goth aesthetic I’m also a very pink Barbie loving and human loving girl. This collection was my attempt to show some of why I’m an atheist and also how it looks on me as an an individual.


Genre: Poetry

Publisher: Maverick Duck Press

Pages: 24


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Watch me read Kult Ken:

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