A Victorian Dollhousing Ceremony Diary


meme by Dori Owen

A Victorian Dollhousing Ceremony is a poetic operatic adult fairytale collaboration of three poets writing in three different, distinct styles. We tell the story of three troubled characters, two rival ballerinas (one who will become The Doll, one who wishes to be The Firebird.) Then they meet a wizard/art collector of tiny things, in particular a spectacular dollhouse. Things become magical, and all of their worlds become larger and also very small.


illustration by Russ Daum

Audio recitations of poetry by The Doll from A Victorian Dollhousing Ceremony (written & performed by Kristin Garth):



His Music Box Breathes Depeche Mode

I, Doll


The Ladies Are Waiting

Dark Leaves

The Body Is A Poem You Will Die Inside

A Victorian Dollhousing Ceremony

The Eyes Have You



illustration by Russ Daum

Published Poetry by The Doll, The Wizard & The Firebird from A Victorian Dollhousing Ceremony:

A Confession of Madness and A Glass of Bordeaux by Justin Karcher(The Wizard)

His Music Box Breathes Depeche Mode & Silence by Kristin Garth (The Doll)

Downfall by Tianna Hansen(The Firebird)

The Unfamiliar Music of Mermaids in Snowglobes and Orphan Dust, Star Dust & Angel Dust by Justin Karcher (The Wizard)

Upstaged by Tianna Hansen(The Firebird)

Wet by Kristin Garth (The Doll)

Choreographers by Kristin Garth (The Doll)

Her Skeleton Was Shaped Like The Stage by Justin Karcher(The Wizard)

Fingers by Kristin Garth (The Doll)

I, Doll by Kristin Garth (The Doll)

Pirouette by Tianna Hansen (The Firebird)

Balletomane by Kristin Garth(The Doll)

When We First Met by Tianna Hansen (The Firebird)

The Math of A Princess by Kristin Garth (The Doll)

The Last Enchantment, Death and The Firefly, Love Could Be A Plastic Knife by Kristin Garth (The Doll)


illustration by Russ Daum